Workflow Improvements

I’m not sure if it’s in your agenda, but I would really like create better/nicer workflows:

  • I would love to import some pictures (e.g. Screenshots from equation, Customer Queries)
  • It annoys me a lot to right click on Plot Nodes and choose “View: Scatter Plot” every time. Would be nice to implement the plot into Workflow Editor.
  • and maybe not sooo important, but it would be nice to have the possibility to flip the nodes on the vertical axis to let the data flow from right to left (similar to Mathworks Simulink).


Hello @ActionAndi,

  • there is already a ticket to handle it and your request has been noted (Internal reference: AP-13987)
  • agree with this one and hopefully this will be possible in new AP which was shortly presented in last week’s summit and is already available in nightly build
  • why would you do that?


Hi Ivan,
thanks for replying again :slight_smile:
I’m looking forward to the upcoming improvements.

I think the third point would help me to have nicer and more clean workflows: I use the “curvy” connection between the nodes, and if you are going from right to left back, then these ugly spikes are created. It takes a while to reshape the connections to a nice looking “picture”. Of course I can expand my workflow horizontally, but I do not want to scroll in that direction.
But as I has written in my thread opener: It’s just a minor thing.

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Hi @ActionAndi,

I know what you mean. Having these struggles as well :smiley: And by far worst thing is when you create nice looking flow and then have to add or remove one node. Then you do reshaping again :sweat_smile:

What could help in such cases are invisible connections and that is something I would like to see :slight_smile:


Invisible connections? What a nightmare :scream:

Then don’t use them :smiley:

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