Workflow issues after upgrade, showing "No such node ID"

We’ve recently upgraded to 4.6.1 and since the upgrade we experience many issues with workflows not being able to open correctly. The error message says: “No such node ID” and causes job not being able to create and even the workflow cannot be opened via the client.

KNIME WebPortal Error:

KNIME Client Error:

We’ve never experienced these issues in the past. I believe they are related to updated nodes between 4.5.2 and 4.6.1, where a new node is automatically created (?) and the .knwf is still pointing to an old node instead of the new node.

Whenever the workflow does not open anymore I apply the following workaround:

  1. Export the workflow as .knwf
  2. Import the .knwf file
  3. Re-open and the “No such node ID” error disappears.

Unfortunately this workaround is not always working, as I raise this topic because I found a workflow for which is workaround is not working. This issue is quite urgent as we cannot recover a major workflow on our production server.

Is this a known issue? Is there a fix?

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When opening the workflow via the KNIME Explorer it fails to open due this issue.
But when I open the workflow via the “Server History” option, the latest version opens without issues.
This is very strange behavior.


Hi @RKrom,

I’m sorry that you’re experiencing these issues after updating. The error is indeed rare. This probably isn’t due to a change in nodes or the extensions they belong to, but rather may be a corrupt workflow or other problems with I/O.

What is interesting is that the allegedly missing node is buried quite deep within the workflow (you can tell by the colons in the node ID).

If the server is hosted on a Windows machine and the workflow repository was copied/moved for the update, Windows may have run into issues with long paths. Even on Linux it may be worth checking the filesystem whether the the folder and files for the missing node actually exist.
The node IDs are part of each folder name on the filesystem (all zero IDs can be skipped).

The item in the server history is the second newest version of the Workflow. Though it will miss the latest changes to the workflow, it may be useful to replace the missing node; great Idea to access the history.

Kind regards

Hi Marvin,

Thank you for your quick response.
I’ve checked for the node which caused error and strangely it’s pointing to a “Component Input” node.

…\Process Orch (#1723)\NEXUS _ Airc (#1564)\Transfer Fil (#1559)\NEXUS _ Know (#1557)\Component Input (#731)\settings.xml

Also the filepath on both server and locally (windows) around 230 characters, below the limit of 256 characters.

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