Workflow Just Disappeared?

Hello! I developed a workflow last week and used to it run a bunch of data flawlessly. Saved it, and tried to open it today to run.

It’s not in my Explorer, or anywhere on my actual computer. I am not on the wrong workspace, and I’m getting this error in the log book:

2023-06-10 22:02:28,963 : WARN : ModalContext : : VMFileLocker : : : Directory ‘/private/var/folders/jx/5nr1hh_j7hvgfxqbxt6f5m940000gn/T/knime_temp_space_katie_7326/KNIME_Mito_Analysis_Nov19.knwf57977/Users/katie/Dropbox/PC (2)/Desktop/KNIME/KNIME_Mito_Analysis_Branaplam_Jun1_2024’ does not exist, cannot lock it

I don’t understand what happened and why it thinks the file doesn’t exist anymore. Is there anyway to recover it? It took me 3 days to perfect it and I’m supposed to meet with my supervisor on Monday to go over the results of the experiment.


Hi @nagemneuman,

I’m not sure I can be much help, but I can ask a few questions at least.

  1. Firstly, what specific version of KNIME are you using?

  2. When do you see that message in the log?

  3. How are you trying to open it? From “recent workflows” or from knime explorer? If it doesn’t exist then I don’t expect it to show in either of those places.

  4. What environment are you running KNIME in? Is this linux?

  5. I don’t fully understand that path, as it seems to have .knwf part way through followed by what appears to be a whole different path. If you were trying to find the workflow directly on you machine, what path would you look for?

  6. Does the following path exist on your machine, and if so is there anything in it?
    I’m concerned at having “temp” in the folder name if this is where your actual workflows are being stored, but that may be just the naming that is being used rather than an actual “temp” location.

  7. I note that there is mention of Dropbox in the last part of the path.
    Is there any possibility it has been backed up/sync’d on Dropbox? (I believe anything that goes on Dropbox is available for 30 days even if deleted)


Start with the Dropbox route through their web browser.

Also, do a search for the file in Dropbox on the web to make sure it wasn’t inadvertently moved. That is often what has occurred if things disappear and there is no sign of them in deleted files.

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Thank you for your response! To answer your questions:

  1. KNIME 4.5.1

  2. I had to open the log to see it, it didn’t pop up or anything

  3. It doesn’t show in either recent workflows or explorer

  4. Linux

  5. I would look for the Users/Katie/Dropbox/PC (2)/Desktop/KNIME… pathway

  6. I can’t find any part of that path on my machine, at least I’m not searching properly. I just tried searching for it in finder. (I am typically a PC user, but was doing the work on my MacBook laptop)

  7. I save everything to Dropbox as a backup. I looked online at my Dropbox and the recently deleted files and it’s in neither. It’s like the file just disappeared!

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