workflow.knime lost


it has happened to me a few ties in the past that for some mysterious reasons, a workflow suddenly appears as a workgroup and all the nodes within are folders too. This has happened again just now on a dataset with 2.3 million lines and 1000-4000 columns that takes approximately 4 days to run to completion. I am submitting an article about the analysis and when I wanted to upload the workflow I saw it had morphed into folders and is not recognised anymore as a workflow. I see that a workflow.knime file is missing. This appears to be a xml file describing the workflow. Is there any way to recreate that file based on all the folders? I desperately need to restore this workflow as it was before. Thank you.


Have you checked the folder in your workspace?
If you are sure you don’t have moved or deleted the file workflow.knime intentionally, you may have accidentally moved the file into one of the folders in your workflow folder in KNIME workspace.
If that’s the case, the folder in which the workflow.knime file exists will be shown as a workflow in KNIME Explorer. If you found such a workflow in the folder (which was actually the workflow before), you can manually cut the file from the folder and paste it back to the root folder of the workflow.


Hey Armingrudd, just joint in today.
yesterday i created a workflow in knime. not sure if i saved it but today its all gone. do you know how i can recover my work?