Workflow not executing with Google API Authentication Node

Hi there!

I’m running a workflow through the server which uses the Google API authentication node. Apparently, I managed to make work the Node (it works well on small workflows) but in this special workflow (which has about 12 google spreadsheet readers and 4 spreadsheet writers), it doesn’t “fully execute”. No additional error message appears in the Server and I do not know how to know what is causing it not to execute completely. Server speed? Quantity of API Autentication nodes? Additional configuration that I may missed?


there is a limit concerning Google’s API calls that might be reached in your bigger workflow, see .
To overcome the problem, you could try to place Wait nodes in between accessing sheets to bring the number of requests down to the limit. If the workflow does not fail locally with the problem it could be, that your server instance is faster in execution and thus hitting the limit.
Please let me know if this helped concerning your issue.


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Hi Moritz,

Surely I have more than one API Google calls, but I don’t think they’re enough to hit the limit (following what you shared to me). I also tried using the Wait Nodes you suggest but that doesn’t work either. Still, in the Server I don’t have any message errors and still “workflow did not fully execute”.

Locally, this workflow works well. With other simple workflows, using Google Authentication API through the server, it also works well (so I´m sure Authentication Node works ok)

I did a different exercise and splitted my workflow in order to understand if there’s more trouble calling the Reading API Nodes rather than the Writing ones. Apparently, the Reading Nodes work well (and it simultaneously read around 16 nodes at time). The problem seems with the Writing Ones. Or perhaps the combination?

Do you think it is the server instance then?



sorry for the late reply. The problem is that in the background there are way more API calls than expected by the user, as many operations may need multiple different API calls. I’ve redirected the question to the implementer of the Google Authentication node and yes, it that part should work correct, as you could otherwise not read anything or even execute a small workflow.


Hi @bbecker23,

It’s not easy to tell, what’s going wrong. The easiest would be if you could share a workflow with dummy data, which exhibits the problematic behavior. Of course, make sure that your authentication data is not included in the workflow. (For example by removing the Google Authentication node). Then we should be able to get to the bottom of this.