Workflow on the Hub (Can't Update Description?)

Hi @ScottF , I’m not sure if this issue only occurs to me, I’m hoping you can replicate it.

I have updated one of my workflows on the Knime hub, as you can see with the last edited date below:


The workflow description, however, does not reflect the edited version. Here’s how it appears:

And here’s what it should include post-editing:

This is important for me to update my changelog. :man_judge:t3:

Thank you in advance!

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Hello there,

We are aware of a problem with editing workflow descriptions with special characters and are currently working on a hotfix release to be available likely next week.

In the meantime as a workaround could you try it without using colons in the description or with adding a linebreak after each colon.

Sorry for the trouble!


Thank you @tschmidt , I removed the semicolon and it works.

I would appreciate it if there’s an additional section of ‘changelog’ or ‘release’ on the right menu:


:bowing_woman: :bowing_woman: :bowing_woman:

Here’s some examples of what I can see in 3 other repository sites who provide such section:


Great to hear it worked out for you.

Good you mention the history, we will show a history view for spaces and their items on all KNIME Hub product editions very soon!


@tschmidt I also notice that descriptions get cut off and would not show the resto of them. Wonder if this might be a related problem.

Yes, to me this looks like the same problem to what @badger101 posted, as there is a colon as well in the second line of the description in “(https://…”

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