Workflow results to clipboard | clipboard to KNIME workflow

There is a crazy idea which is likely could be useful especially to those who starts workflow with a bat file.

What about the idea to send data from clipboard to KNIME workflow (e.g. as a part of right mouse click choice in let’s say Office environment or from something else) and then, after the execution, send results of the workflow to clipboard?

  1. Is there a method to make KNIME to send results to clipboard?
  2. Can KNIME somehow read clipboard data automatically?

As I said, crazy idea but I believe it may be implemented somehow…

Wish you all the best,


Interesting suggestion! Off the top of my head you can use Python to add items to the clipboard. But I’m wondering what your exact goal is. KNIME can write to temporary directories and move files around and I feel like that might be a more reliable option. Do you mind elaborating a bit?

You can paste output results to the clipboard and also paste when using a table node

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