Workflow - searching for words

Hello there,
I need help in creating a workflow for my bachelor thesis.

In the following I am going to descripe my intended procedure:

  1. Importing text data
    I want to import text data of websites and social media accounts into KNIME
    The only solution I´ve got is to copy and paste the text into an .txt document and import this into KNIME

  2. Wanted words
    In the thesis there will be important words which matters to my topic. I have to analyse the text data on this words
    The only solution I´ve got and found in a youtube turtorial is to use a k-means clustering element but this was not working

  3. Count the frequency of the wanted words
    I have to specify how often the wanted words appear in the text data

  4. Visualize the result
    I need something like a table which shows me how often the wanted words appear in the data

Last question:
Do I have to run this workflow for each document or is there an option to run this workflow for all documents at once and get a big overview for the results?

It would be so nice if anyone could help me :smiley:

@Nick_B Welcome to the forum. Are the data sources a fixed list? What specific types of sites are they, e.g. websites, Facebook, etc.? Are “wanted words” also a fixed list? If the answer to these questions is yes, can you provide the lists?

Hello rfeigel.
Thank you for welcoming me and for your reply.
The data souce will be the websites of companies or the social media profiles.
I would do this data import via txt documents because I see no other option.
After determin the relevant webistes and profiles the data source will be fixed but at this time there is nothing fixed

The wanted words will be a fixed list which I will determin as a part of my thesis.
So I can incluence all the variables.

My intention in the forum is to get help to create a workflow which can be used for this purpose later.

Mybe you can help me.
Thanks in advance!

Haven’t forgotten you. Should have a simple model in a day or so.

Try this. It automates pulling the data so you don’t have to cut and paste. Read the workflow description. The example data is a list of KNIME webpages. If you have questions let me know.


Hi rfeigel,
thank you very much for your help until this.

Do I have to download any add-ins or something like that?
I can´t drag and drop this workflow.
I´ve tried to create my own based on your example and I can´t find the tool “create word count”

Thanks in advance

Click on the link above and then the download button. This is a Knime “zip” file which you’ll need to install to an executable workflow.

Thank you very much it is running now.
Now the following questions:
Can I get run this for a list of words or do I have to run this for every wanted word alone?
Can I export this with a table writer ? There is no option to get a connection out of the create word count.

Your second question is easy. Open the component and add a file writer at the appropriate point(s). The second question is doable by adding a second loop with the word list. I’m working on it. Its a little messy.

If you can live with something like this I’'ll clean it up a little and send it to you.

Hello rfeigl,
I can’t get any clue from your last message.
I don’t know if I’m asking too much of you, but I’m looking for something like this:

2nd problem is that from the moment I´m changing the database links.xls and save this to get the websites I need into the workflow I can´t change run the workflow with the new input search word.
(the apply button does not work)

I found this solutions:

  1. Ive opened up the component “create word count” and set the default value of string widget to the word hedfeld
  2. Ive opened up the component “create word count” and inserted the word hedfeld via the magnifying glass as the import search word

After this I can close the component and run the workflow to get the right result.
I don´t think that this is right, isn´t it?

If it would be possible to run this workflow on a table filled with the wanted words this problem would be solved right?

Thanks in advance.

This workflow permits multiple search words. You can take the input from an Excel file if you want. It also has your output format. I’m not crazy about the blanks in the URL column, but its your call.

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Any feedback to my last post?

Hi rfeigel,
sorry for late response. I‘m not at Home right now.
I will check this asap, I think tomorrow in the evening.
Thank you

Good evening,
wow this is very impressive.
It works very well. Can you say me what the problem was that I can´t change the input tabel / after that I can´t change the wanted words?

I will now create the basis to use the workflow.
Can I contact you in the future if I have problems with this workflow?

Maybe you can tell me your real name so I can mention you in the acknowledgments if you want? I would like to do this because of the help.

I don’t understand this question “Can you say me what the problem was that I can´t change the input tabel / after that I can´t change the wanted words?” Could you explain further? Also, if this solved your problem could you mark it solved? Finally, no need for a citation. Feel free to contact me.

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