Workflow timing


Is there a way (apart from using a stopwatch) to time how long it takes to execute a workflow?


This might help:

Another method is this:

1)  Add an edit variable node before the first node in the workflow, or group of nodes you want to time, and create a new flow variable call startTime.  Set the snippet Code itself to:

// Enter your code here:
out_startT = (double)System.currentTimeMillis();

and attach the output port to the flow vairable input on the first node

2) Add a second edit variable node after the last node in the workflow or group of nodes you want to time, and create a second variable called runTime. Set the snippet code to:

// Enter your code here:
out_runTim = ((double)System.currentTimeMillis() - v_startTim) / 1000.0;

and attach the flow variable input port to the flow variable output on the last node.

Now reset the workflow and run all (make sure you set the final edit variable node to run too!).  Once the workflow has completed, the runTime variable will contain the time taken (in seconds!)

Hope this helps,


This is quite an old thread, but for completion, there are now 'Benchmarking' nodes in the Vernalis community contribution which do exactly this