Workflow to work with a File with many sheets

I am new using KNIME, How can I work with a file with many sheets? I have to edit or filter different columns of each file.
Thank you so much!

Well in general the Excel Reader node allows you to select individual sheets if you select “by name” and choose the sheet you want from the drop down:

So if all sheets have different structures you may want to drop as many Excel Reader nodes into your workflow and select the different sheets manually and then build your logic from there.

If all sheets have the same structure in terms of columns and the goal is to merge them into one then you can also use the Read Excel Sheet Names Node, pass it to a Table Row to Variable Loop Start Node and set up the Excel Reader to read the sheet that is defined in the flow variable.

Depends a lot on your use case. What I found very helpful is this Webinar where fellow forum member @takbb walks through some tips and tricks related to “replacing” Excel with KNIME: