Workflow - Use Table Editor inside a Loop

Hi there,

I would like to integrate a Table Editor Node inside a Loop, but I am not sure if this is possible in my specific use case.

So far, this is my workflow:

I have an excel file, with 4 different tables stored in 4 different sheets. All tables have different columns.
I would like to read in all 4 tables and display them in the Table Editor in 4 separate tables below each other (or even better: in 4 different sheets in the Table Editor).
Is this possible given that the 4 tables have different columns? Thanks for your support!

Hi @jana_knime,

You can assign each table (sheet) to a single Table Editor and convert the table editors to a single component. Then you will have all tables in a single composite view.


Thank you @armingrudd !
Is it also possible to show the 4 different tables in 4 different sheets in the Knime WebPortal? Maybe via the Node Usage and Layout configuration?

I think that would be easy. Try a Single Selection Widget and a Case Switch Start node to display each table when selected. You can enable the “Re-execution on widget value change” option to make the switch happen as soon as the new sheet is selected (or alternatively the Refresh Button Widget node). Just make sure to save the changes made to each sheet before switching.


Thank you @armingrudd . I am not so sure how to connect the multiple data inputs from the question before to the case switch start node. Could you maybe give a short example? Thank you very much!


Please take a look at both components and if you have more questions, feel free to ask.


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