Workflow Variable/Global Variable


For FTP /SFTP (using FTP Connection / SSH Connection node) connection the server credential is required which will be define as workflow variable / global variable. Actually , at the time of workflow execution from CMD I want to give the credential (User id, pwd, hoset name) as parameter.

Please let me know how I could define the same in my KNIME workflow.

Thanks in advance.



Workflow and flow variables can be passed into the workflow via the batch mode, check out the online and cmd line documentation .

I'm new to knime, and the documentation seems to be more reference cheats than details (good if you pretty much already know knime :D)

Can anyone offer an example of workflow variables and how to use workflow.variable to pass a value in from the command line?

I.e. in knime ...
Create <this type of node>
Then click <this, that, this> to craete a workflow variable.
PLUS: Here's what those clicks did. 

Then on the command line type:
# knime this that the other
PLUS: Here's what THAT did 

:D Thanks!



Hi Rightmirem,

do you know about the KNIME youtube channel?

The channel contains several videos how to get started and learn KNIME from the scratch. More information can also be found here: and

I hope this helps,


Hi Christian, 

Thanks for the post. I did not know about the Knime Youtube channel and will check it out. I did find a non-Knime affiliated youtube video that answered my question. I'm also reading the book, 'Knime Essemtials' :)

Thanks and I look forward to continued learning :D


Hello rightmirem,

Great to hear that you found an answer! Could you post the link to the video that answered your question? I am curious and it might help other users as well.