workflow which will test output generated by Alteryx workflow and output generated by KNIME workflow

Hi, I am involved in the project where we are migrating existing Alteryx workflow into KNIME workflow. so at the end of development of each workflow we need to test the output of KNIME workflow with output generated by same Alteryx workflow. Currently we are doing it manually by comparing both output in excel. it is very time consuming.

we are looking for the automating this data validation process by developing data validation workflow in knime where we will provide the input data as a output generated by Alteryx workflow and Output generated by same KNIME workflow, It will compare both the file and generated result where it will show how many record are matching where is the data is not matching something like this. so it will reduce manual efforts.

Once you have re-created the output in KNIME, you should be able to read in both the manual output / Alteryx output and use the Joiner node to instantly see where there are differences. I would include it in your process workflow instead of creating a second one. It is more of a “proof” or test that the process worked correctly, so it will be more useful in the same workflow. The file comparison join tests will probably only take a minute or so to add into your workflow at the end.

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use Table Difference Finder node


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