It seems that every folder in a KNIME Workspace contains a file called workflowset.meta. What is the purpose of this file? Can it be deleted? We have in the workspace on KNIME Server a symbolic link to a folder in which we write Excel files for end users. It would be nice if the folders wouldn’t contain there workflowset.meta files since they might confuse the end users (and they might even try removing them).

Hello @christoffer_swanstroem ,

The workflowset.meta file contains workflow modification dates and workflow descriptions, and it is not necessarily vital for workflows to run, but we advise against removing it. Ideally you may want to redirect where you are writing your Excel files to as this may be a better solution than having the end users access the workflow repository folders. Perhaps you could set up another folder that copies the workflow job ID, makes a subfolder with the job ID or name, and write your excel files there, that way those are the only files in that folder. In addition, make that folder and it’s sub folders not live in the workflow-repository.


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