Working on 050_Applications/050003_ChurnAnalysis example


I am new to KNIME and looking forward to work on Predective Analysis and BI. I am trying to create a similar application as 050_Applications/050003_ChurnAnalysis but I am unable to load the example. Getting the below error.

ERROR  LoadWorkflowRunnable            Errors during load: Status: Error: 050003_ChurnAnalysis 3 loaded with errors
ERROR  LoadWorkflowRunnable              Status: Error: 050003_ChurnAnalysis 3
ERROR  LoadWorkflowRunnable                Status: Error: Clustercenter Table 3:33
ERROR  LoadWorkflowRunnable                  Status: Error: Unable to load factory class "org.knime.ensembles.pmmlporttocell.PMMLPortToCellNodeFactory"
ERROR  LoadWorkflowRunnable                  Status: Warning: MISSING PMMLPortToCell 3:33:16
ERROR  LoadWorkflowRunnable                    Status: Warning: State has changed from CONFIGURED to IDLE
ERROR  LoadWorkflowRunnable                Status: Error: Cluster Statistics 3:59
ERROR  LoadWorkflowRunnable                  Status: Error: Unable to load factory class "org.knime.distmatrix.calculate.DistanceMatrixCalculateNodeFactory"

WARN MISSING PMMLPortToCell Node can't be executed - Unable to load factory class "org.knime.ensembles.pmmlporttocell.PMMLPortToCellNodeFactory"


Thanks in advance. Please pardon me if I am raising this query under the wrong forum.






Correct place and good question.  

That error message suggests that you don't have the node PMML to Cell node installed in your KNIME installation.  If you update to the latest version you should find this node in the standard update site. 


Hey Aaron,

Thanks for the reply. I am on 2.10.1. I was able to understand this but not sure how to go with it.


Hi Sudeep, 

From the menu, select File > Install KNIME Extensions and look under KNIME & Extensions for the KNIME Ensemble Learning Methods feature. Install this and restart and it should work. 


Hello Aaron,

I have already done that. Now left with only one exception :). Working on it.



Ok, good.  Let us know if you get (or stay) stuck.

I wonder if it is worth adding a workflow annotation explaining which additional plugins are required (and how to install - e.g. main update site, community trusted site etc) to example flows beyond the 'obvious' - e.g. for RDKit examples, I would consider the RDKit plugin 'obvious', but not say Weka?


Hello Aaron and Steve,

Issue is resolved now. The plugins are installed and the example is working fine.

You guys rock.


Hello Gurus,

I am unable to post in the forum. I have something to ask but in the Content its showing my post and not getting added to Forum. Please help.


Thanks in advance.