Working with Components

Hey I am currently trying to make more use of shared components (currently only shared with myself) and have some questions:

  1. How to update a Components, currently I am doing it like this: Rightclick -> Disconnect -> Open -> “make whatever change” -> rightclick component -> Share Is this really the fastest way or can I somehow directly change the shared node?
  2. How can I rename components? I did it in the name Explorer, however this destroys the linkage, do I have to replace them all manually now?
  3. For “normal” nodes the small discription below shows the Node ID on default, is this possible for components as well?


Hi @tbtt,
let me try to answer your questions:

  1. This is the way to do it, since shared components are protected from changes by design to avoid accidental changes that could lead to problems which will be hard to track down.
  2. The name of a component together with its path is its unique identifier. Just like you won’t be able to call a workflow anymore using Call Local Workflow (Row Based) after changing its name, changing a component’s name will break the linkage. You will have to create it again manually, I’m afraid.
  3. No, the component will always show the description it was shared with.

Kind regards,


A little bit of info to add here. As of KNIME 4.1, you can double click on shared components in the KNIME Explorer pane to edit them directly. So that may save you a bit of time.


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