working with .knime file

As a beginner, I have found that i can open .knwf files, as workflows. But am stymied when it comes to using zip files that contain a .kmine extension along with other folders, with xml files inside.

How do I open a file with a .knime extension?


Hello @Selster,

don’t know where you’ve got a file with .knime extension. To my knowledge there are two types of KNIME extensions:

  • *.knar files contain KNIME workflow groups
  • *.knwf files contain individual KNIME workflows


here are some examples, they download as a zip file that when unzipped become a file with a .knime extension and others folders, apparently for nodes, each with an xml file inside. I don’t know how to run these.

This is but one example, here are two more

Hi @Selster -

These files are quite old, and generally we don’t package workflows as zipfiles anymore. That said, you can unzip the folder into your knime workspace, and it will then appear as a workflow in your KNIME Explorer.


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