World Health Organisation - Data API using the new REST nodes

The World Health Organisation (WHO) provides a wide range of data on health related topics. Here we show how to access data from their RESTful webservice that provides data on causes of death. The data is retrieved as XML, and the relevant data is extracted using the XPath nodes. After some processing, and aggregation statistics a subset of the data is plotted using a Tag cloud to show differences in the top 10 causes of death for men and women. We also plot a Bar Chart showing how these rates of death have changed between 2000, and 2012. We also show how to do combine multiple calls to a webservice using the GET Request node, once again the XML data is processed using the XPath nodes, and then the leading causes of death are plotted in a bar chart, that highlights the differences between regions of the world. Full details about the WHO data API is available here: Tag: REST, KREST, GET Request, X, Path, Tag Cloud

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