Worspace flow variables issue (in expert mode)

Tthe expert modes allows to create workflow variables (which i assume are the equivalent of global variables). However, these workflow variable do not appear to be passed on the the nodes in my workflow. After adding such variables, the only variable that seem to be passed to my nodes is knime.workspace.

For some reason I cannot seem to view the other workspace variable that I created.

 Is this a known issue, or am I missing something.



So there are two types of variables. The Global Variables which you define for the entire workflow (right click on workflow name and choose Workflow Variables, and then enter in the variables here). You also have local variables which are defined by the dataset, these are defined within the workflow using nodes for variables.

The global variables should be visible in every node, in the config box, go to flow variables and from the dropdown options the global variable should be present. If its not present, rerun the workflow first, then check again.

To specify local variables, use the nodes such as TableRow to Variable, TableRow to Variable Loopstart (this one must be followed at some point with a Loop End). After these nodes, the generated variable then needs to be put into the datastream, you do this with an Inject Variables (Data) node. Now when you look in the Flow Variables tab of subsequent nodes ONLY (not all nodes - only those in the subsequent datastream), you will see the newly generated variable. If you dont see the variable, you may need to run the workflow up until the desired node first.

There are some good examples of how to use variables (which is how I learnt them) in the Server Workflow Projects folder under 11 FlowVariables and Loops.


Hope this helps.


Hi Simon,

I only had issues with the global variable. Turns out that when I enetered th variable, I did not click the reset button, but then for some reason, it is not until I closed the Workspace and reopened it, that I saw that the global variable entered had not been saved. Before closing I did look and the varibale was there, so perhaps a bug?



Is there any workaround happened for this issue ? i am facing the similar one.