Wrapped Metanode with Image Output


I’ve set up a wrapped metanode for image processing / cell segmentation. The intention is to test multiple parameters and have the effect directly visualized. So I used various quickforms and also nested wrapped metanodes in order to bundle functionality a bit and come up with a useful view.
However, the ‘Image Output’ view is not updated in the metanode view when I change parameters and hit ‘Apply’ as I would expect. The nodes are re-executed, the quickform node itself updates, but the image displayed in the view does not reload to the current one. Closing and reopening the metanode loads the correct image, but that’s not the intended solution.

Has anybody an idea how I could get the view to update?

Best Manuel

EDIT: I replaced individual images with a zip archive due to naming problems after download.

DemoImages.zip (2.7 MB)

short update: I’ve confirmed this behavior on three platforms now (Windows 10, OS X latest whatever, Debian GNU/Linux 8 Kernel: Linux 3.16.0-5-amd64) and consider this a bug. Any suggestions on this?

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Hi @Manuel,

Thanks for your report!

As far as I can tell, this nothing that is specific to Image Output. I am able to reproduce this limitation by using a Text Output that uses a flow variable from some Integer Input, e.g. the rolling ball radius parameter.

I have invited @albrecht to contribute to this discussion and clarify if this is indeed a bug.



Hi @stelfrich,

thank you for looking into this!


Dear @Manuel,

I have followed up with @albrecht at the coffee machine: Quickform nodes currently don’t send and/or handle change events. As of now, only filter and selection events are fired and can trigger interactive changes. Adding more interactivity, however, is something that we are looking into.



Thanks Stefan! I can work with all the good things that are there already :wink:

Best, Manuel