Wrapped Metanodes, Templates & Quickforms?

When using Wrapped Metanodes, derived from a Wrapped Metanode Template, does each linked instance of a Wrapped Metanode have its own copy of the Quickform data, or do they all share the same Quickform data via the template.

I’m currently using simple Metanodes, so that I can define the workflow variables feeding into each Metanode instance, but I’m wondering if linked Wrapped Metanodes would allow configuring individual Wrapped Metanodes, or if they all share “global memory” via the template?

Hi @bassman -

Each linked metanode has its own copy of the quickform data. You can verify this by opening up your KNIME workspace at the file system level, and examining different workflows that contain the linked metanode - the settings.xml files will contain different values.

So it’s not a problem to use linked metanodes across different workflows, even if they make use of different quickform values.

Does that answer your question?

Great! I’ll experiment some, but nice to know that by design, each Wrapped Metanode (linked) “instance” has its own data!

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