Wrapped node - outputting a flow variable


I have a wrapped node in which I combine two string inputs, and use the product to read in image files, and some more after that. Now I want part of that string to be used in the final step of my workflow, xls writer, as filename. However the string doesn't seem to get out of the wrapped node. For details see the attached screenshot.

I found out what the problem was. Standard all flow variables were set to exclude in the configuration of the wrapped node output.


this can be configured in the end node of the wrapped node. There you can configure which flow variables are allowed to leave the loop.

In the start node you can configre the opposite way, which flow variables from outside should be accessible in the wrapped node.

Best, Iris

Dear Iris,

In which tab of the node can this be done ?

EDIT: Solved, I've never tried to open a wrapped node using the dialog (Open wrapped node) but only by double click, which opens Configure instead.