Write files into the Server Repository

This workflow shows how files can be written into the server repository. Note that this demo is limited to the CSV, of course other file writers can be used equally.

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I just tried to use this workflow (using Explorer Writer node), and I could not get this to run.

I keep getting the this error code:

There are messages for workflow “Write files to server 2019-08-12 16.11.15”
CSV Writer 2:8 - ERROR: Execute failed: Resource associated with “knime://knime-dev/Data/testfile2.csv” does not exist

Do you know what this means?


Hi @ray_pruett -

Generally this means that the either KNIME can’t locate the server resource you have specified, or the Target Location in the Explorer Writer node is malformed in some way.

Did you try clicking the Browse button in the configuration dialog to point to the workflow group you want to write to? This may help nail down what the issue is.

I did click browse. It seems strange. it worked before but not any more.