Write in a mysql database

Hi! Im reading a file with "File reader" node and I need save the differents rows and columns in a MySql Database. When I use the "DataBase Writer" and I try to load the Mysql connector, Knime send me an alert like this :" No valid XML File", so I don´t understand why happen this, so if somebody can help me I will be gratefull....




Alan C.

Is your file in File Reader node reads well? I saw this message when data file, that I used in File Reader, was formed with errors.

Hi Alan!


Could you please give me more details of your flow and the point where the problem occurs?

I assume you are able to read in the data with the File Reader. Right?

Then what is your next step? Did you successfully load the DB driver for the MySQL DB?

Do you get the error message when you execute the DB Writer?

 - Peter.