Write JSON File


Is there a way to encapsulate an workflow output into a JSON file on KNIME?


Thanks !


Hi Joana,

...not yet - but JSON I/O and processing nodes (similar to the XML node set) are pretty high on our list of things that we'd like to add... Is there a particular reason why you are asking?

I guess for now doing a manual work around via the String Manipulator (or one of the Snippet) nodes is the way to go.


Hi berthold.

So the way to surrond this is probably to use a Java Snippet with a JSON library to transform this output am I rigth?


Thanks !

This could be an option, yes. You can also do it manually, I guess. Here would be java snippet piece that would take all columns (convert numbers to strings first!) and combines their values into a json object. You can also mess around with FileWriters already and write the data to a file.

StringBuilder b = new StringBuilder("{ ");
for (int i = 0; i < getColumnCount(); i++) {
    b.append(i == 0 ? "" : ", ");
    b.append(getCell(i, ""));
b.append(" }");
out_json_s = b.toString();

... could work?