Write PDF Report to Local File System

Hello Community,

maybe a simple question, but at the moment I’m stuck.
I want to write each Table Row to a PDF based on a Field in my Table (Name.pdf).

My problem ist now, that I’m not able to control the filename via variable - the “V” is grey in PDF-Writer.
Second thing ist, I have a PNG-Image (always a different one) which needs to be used in the PDF, but here the PDF-Write reports on the size (default wasn’t working).

Maybe someone can help me out.

Thanks and BR,

Hi @sven-abx . The Table to PDF node I think is looking for a “Path” variable rather than a string variable, so if it doesn’t see one the option will be disabled. What you need to do is drop a String to Path (variable) node into your workflow to convert your String filename variable to a path variable

Hope that helps


Hi @takbb,

thanks for you quick response, the nameing issue is now fixed.



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