Write to Excel template Node error message

Dear friends,
Could you check what’s the error message as below?
Normally I need to execute all the nodes many times, the output file could come out.
If I execute only once or twice, the node is green status, but the output file is empty. I need to execute the notes many times.

ERROR Write To Excel Template 4:151 Execute failed: Reason: Error while writing Error while saving output file The resource has changed since the caller last read it; usually an eTag mismatch

Hi @uix07344 ,

Could you post a screenshot of your workflow or at least the part where you call the Write to Excel Template node, to give some context to how your workflow works and how you are calling the Write to Excel Template node.

Also can you show the config of the node as this may assist others with helping you.

(btw I fixed the typo in the subject from “Note” to Node)

Hello, see as above

Thanks for the screenshots @uix07344. Some googling reveals that the error message you are getting relates to writing back to Sharepoint, rather than specifically the Write to Excel template node itself.

Unfortunately I don’t have any experience of using Sharepoint, but hopefully somebody who knows Sharepoint will be able to help.

(Tagging @AnotherFraudUser… just in case it’s a known thing with the node.)


Hi @uix07344,

A work around solution would be to write the file to local storage and do a copy through the standard sharepoint nodes.
For the file write of my node I use the default component for the write location, but I think for this kind of issue it would be kind of hard to implement a sharepoint specific workaround :see_no_evil:


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