Write XLSX Node?


We frequently need > 256 columns, so writing an XLS file not useful. Are any community nodes for writing XLSX files available, if not, would it be feasable to write a "Write XLSX" Node using the simple java snippet, or do we need to resort to using the SDK? Are there any Java xlsx libraries around that would make this easier?



Have you considered just writing a plain text file and then importing it into excell?  This is probably the most efficient way to move forward.  I was previously unaware that our excell writer only supports .xls, I will look into this further.  

In the mean time, have a look at apache POI, this is what we use to read and writer excell files. 


Cheers, Aaron



I've been using a Write CSV Node - but would handy if we could just Write to XLSX; sometimes XL does daft things with the csv import - such as treating a bitstring chemical fingerprint as a double!

(A bit tiresome to go through the XL manual import wizard every time to fix this ...)