writer should support writing to URLs


since last update writer nodes should be able to write to URLs, but now it's not possible to write to ressources on our LAN. By example it'll be possible to write (i.e. with the Excel-Sheet-Appender-Node or  with the CSV-Writer-Node) to a local file like this: C:\Users\A755391\Desktop\inputAlphaBeta.xls but it is not possible to write exactly the same file to this location: \\\iza-tsne\FTTC2016\Alpha_Mengengerüst\alpha_0\1_inputWeb\inputAlphaBeta.xls.

The Configuration-Dialog tell me: "Error: no write permission to output file" (I am sure and I tested: I've got all rights to the output location at all). Yes, the output-file allready exist, and i want to add some data in a new excel-sheet.

Secound try. I want to create a new file on a LAN-Ressource (i.e. \\\iza-tsne\FTTC2016\Alpha_Mengengerüst\alpha_0\2016_zRC_fuer_ZNP_DB.xls). Now i get the following Error-Message directly from the node (red bullet with white cross): "Execute failes: Connection refused: connect".


Both examples worked perfect before the last Update to knime 2.11?! What's wrong? Did i mistake or is it an error at all?

Thanks for help, Ingo.



See http://tech.knime.org/forum/knime-general/knime-211-error-xls-writer-node