Writing logfiles within KNIME workflows


does anyone has an idea how to write messages from different "places" in a workflow into a single logfile?

A message should be written at the end of a successfully executed branch of the workflow. All messages should be written into one single logfile that will to be sent via email once a day (outside KNIME).

At the moment I use java snippets to generate messages and an internal C-Shell node (similar to BASH shell node in community contributions)  to generate a Linux shell command (like echo MESSAGE >> /home/logfile). Is there a more elegant way to do this?




Hello Frank, I am not sure if this is helpful, but the CSV Writer and Database Writer have an "Append" option which can be used to add one or multiple lines for each successfully executed workflow(part). Cheers, Thomas

Maybe this is a solution. But what happens if two CSV writer nodes want to append lines to the same file at the same time? Or is the time that a file is blocked by a CSV writer node too short that this will ever happen?



That should work, because the file access is sync'ed.