writing multiple xls and sd files

Hi there,

I am very new to KNIME and tried to find a solution to my problem but it all sounds very complicated.

I have a table of around 6000 entries that I want to split into x chunks. I used the chunk loop start node and connected a xls or sdf writer to it and a loop end. The problem is that I need a way that for every iteration a new file is created. When using the 'current variable' in the filename I get an error that 'no relative paths allowed'. I'm sure there must be an easy way to do this for both sdf and xls.

Thanks a lot.



Hi Andre,

you can use the Create File Name node to create a path. I attached an example and you can find another one on the example server under:
06_Control_Structures/ 04_Loops / 05_Write_each_row_in_one_file



Thanks a lot Kathrin,
worked perfectly!
Best regards