Writing to a Microsoft Access data base from KNIME

I’ve been attempting to write to a Microsoft Access database (*.accdb) from KNIME. I can read the database using the database reader. And, if I write from the database reader to the database, I am successful. However, when attempting to write to the same database while using another file as the input, I get the error message:

Execute failed: [Microsoft][ODBC Microsoft Access Driver] Syntax error in CREATE TABLE statement.

What should I be doing to successfully write to the database?

Any and all suggestions welcome.

the problem is that the SQL types defined in the second dialog tab need to be changed for MS Access Databases, i.e. for numeric types just remove the “(30,10)”. Note, the database nodes in KNIME are somewhat general in the sense that they support most of the standard database drivers. Minor differences between database configurations need to be adjusted manually inside the database nodes themselves.
Regards, Thomas