x aggregate error

I am getting an error. I think this has to do with the fact that my script is not a traditional "learner" and so its not indexing something right. I have tried all kinds of things to make this work but nothing fixes it. If this cannot be fixed is there a way to bootstrap and append a table in a loop for the same effect?

The error (plus warning) is 
WARN  X-Aggregator         0:63:60    Selected columns 'deny' and 'pred_deny' as prediction and target columns
ERROR X-Aggregator         0:63:60    Execute failed: Encountered duplicate row ID  "0" at row number 240



puh, this workflow is a little bit complex to read...

However, the x-aggregator does expect different rowids in each iteration. as typically in each iteration one subset of the data is analyzed.

In your case there are equal rowids which  is not allowed. Hence you need to ensure inside the loop body that the rowids differ from iteration to iteration.

You could for example generate a new row id using the currentiteration flow variable + the current row id. This can be done with the String Manipulation node followed by the RowId node.

I hope this help.

Cheers, Iris