XGBoost Tree Ensemble Learner Error

Hi, I’ve been trying to run an XGBOOST with knime using Baysian Optimization.
These are the nodes set up for it.

However, I keep getting an error.
ERROR XGBoost Tree Ensemble Learner 2:43 Execute failed: The feature buffer is empty.
and couldn’t really find a solution by googling.
What could possibly have gone wrong?
I need help!

@Shaunalytics welcome to the KNIME forum.

Could you provide us with a log file. And even better would be a workflow that reproduces the error.

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Hi, I have the same issue.
Knime Version 4.1.4
Please find attached the log file.
image knime.log (3.1 MB)

Hello @Tom-Kuehner and @Shaunalytics,

thanks, @Tom-Kuehner for the log, that was quite insightful.
Does your data contain rows where all features are missing values?


Hi Adrian, took me some time to check since there are over 3000 features and 900k lines, but no there is no row where all features are missing values.

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