XL columns to Text for further Text processing


I am fairly new to the KNIME world, try to get my hands through. My requirement is to read XL which has two columns with many rows of text, i have used XL reader node and got the data but which node should i connect to further pre-process the text ?


Hi, first of all, it will be better for you to understand what you want to get or extract from the data you read.

excel example and what is the data you are looking for?

I want to read the the XL column and used that text for further processing to use preprocessing nodes like stop word, N char, BOW, POS etc. The issue is I am unable to read the XL node to word parser or any other text processing input nodes.

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There is KNIME Hub where you can search for workflow examples and explore them. Here is one you could find useful:



Sounds like the key node for you is going to be the Strings To Document node. Try using this after ingesting your data with the Excel Reader.

Pretty much all of the KNIME Textprocessing nodes deal with the KNIME Document data type, so it’s important you convert to documents before going ahead with other preprocessing or transformation nodes.

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