XLS Background colorizer & XLS Control table Generator

hello Knimer’s, Im trying to learn XLS colorizer, and so far I have found that prior that node I require to use the XLS Control table Generator, so, I did that way but happens that in this last node I get the following Warning with green light

“WARN XLS Control Table Generator 0:3141:3110:3066 Warning: The generated table is not yet a valid XLS Formatter Control Table as it contains invalid characters in some tags.”

but I really dont know how to troubleshoot these “Invalid characters in some tags”, I have a big table 429M lines and 67 columns originally extracted from database, and just provide some analisis on them…

Does any of you knows how should I be addressing this issue?

Hi - first i would change the console output level to DEBUG (Preferences → KNIME → KNIME GUI) and then re-run the table generator node to see if the console contains more helpful information concerning an offending row.
If that is totally unfruitful, then (and this will sound painful,) i would break up the input into more manageable sizes (depending on the time it takes to run the node on 429M rows, how about a binary search strategy of drilling down by half-size chunks?) to find an example of the data which is giving the node fits?

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