XLS cell merger by row or variable

I have raw data, need merge column 2,3,4 by row, not merge together, and row number is not fixed, some time 4rows,some time 7rows, who can help me , thanks

Function test.knwf (19.1 KB)

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Hi @Caibing,

In this case you need to create a tag for each row, I created an example workflow to demonstrate this:

It is a bit complicated because I used the Model to Cell node to route the XLS formatting port through the recursive loop nodes.



Thanks for your reply, it can help ,but I have another problem , the raw data as below image , my question ,RowID =“Row0_dup_dup_dup_dup” is fixed, but Row is not fixed, some time is Row=11, sometime=13, so how to write express in Rule Engine, the final data should be the last image.

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Hi @Caibing,

Sorry for the late reply, just saw your answer.
You can check for the row id in the Rule Engine: