xls from transposed table


I need to write on a xls file a tranposed table. The problem is that after the transpose node all columns have lost their format and xls writer node need columns with a format. I need to cast all columns to String. How can i do that? It is hard to do with a java snippet because i don't know in advance the number of columns.



Can you just use the "Constant Value" column to put in a letter such as "A", then transpose the column, then export to an XLS Writer. That way all columns will be string, and you can just delete this row containing "A"s afterwards.

Infact, you could probably delete the first row of the table after the transpose that contains the "A"s, and the column typecasting should remain unaltered, and then export to XLS Writer.


Mi table already contains values of type string.

For example:

1 table with coloumns Col0 (String), Col1(Double)

1 row with X;10,10

The matrix transposed has 1 column named Row0 with type Unknown

Hi, did you found a solution to this? i am blocked here with this issue, seems trivial but when you deal with time series data you need to transpose for sure.

Found the solution just reading a little more on this forums: