XLS nodes to format row based on a cells content

Dear KNIMErs (incl @arbe and @ipazin ),

we are facing a problem regarding the rule engine in the XLS formatter nodes.

For one report, we would like to give a tag to all cells of the rows that have a certain value written in one specific column (in this case “Additions” written in the 4th column). So far we have only encountered the possibility of basing the tags dependent of the Row ID’s column value, but not the value of “normal” column located in the middle of the table.

Please find attached an example XLS File to illustrate how we would like it to look like in the output file.

We appreciate any kind of help! Thank you very much in advance & happy automation!

Example.xlsx (10.2 KB)

Dear @kowisoft,

Great to see that you are making use of the Continental Nodes for KNIME! I have attached a workflow that should solve your problem.
formatEntireRow.knwf (90.1 KB)

The concept of the Conti nodes allows to utitlize the full power of KNIME’s data wrangling capabilities for your XLS formatting purposes. Anything is possible, I believe. :slight_smile:

Best regards



Hi Arne :slight_smile:

Thank you so much. We really didn’t see the approach to separate the “special cells” from the rest, format them and join them back in.

Now that I can see your approach, it - of course - totally makes sense.

Hope you don’t mind, that I at-mentioned you in the initial post :wink: (and of course ipazin as well)

Great addon to the KNIME repository


Hi Phil,

I’m glad that I could help. :slight_smile:
No problem at all with the at-mention, otherwise I might have missed your post.

Best regards


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