xls open every time when loop end

Hey guys :slight_smile:
I have loop in knime and every time loop end and I want to change data I need afresh open my xls sheet. Is there any option to automatically open when loop end ?

Hi @pjacob,

you can call an external tools (e.g. Excel/Batch/Other Programs) with the External Tool Node


The Excel writer has the option to open the file after it has been written.

You could insert a wait while manually changing values, then manually save it and read the file back.

Though this does not sound like a very stable setup. If you must insert information by hand you might want to consider some user input (form), but I am not expert in that regard.


Hey @AnotherFraudUser thanks for you answer. Can you show me example how to do this? I will be thankful :smiley:

Hi @pjacob,

will check if I can give you an small example on Monday :slight_smile:

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Hi @pjacob,

Attached a small example how to open the excel with KNIME.
I couldn’t find my old example with the external tool (i think we changed a while ago because you had to use to many dummy inputs for the different files)
But in the example workflow are two java examples which should work better anyways :slight_smile:
->one whch waits/pauses the workflow until the File is closed
and one which just opens the file with the standard associated program

Call Excel Example.knar (19.5 KB)

So basically your workflow should look something like this:


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