XLS Reader doesnt work with .xlsx files anymore

I noticed that previously executed XLS reader nodes (reading .xlsx file) dont work anymore after 2.4 update. If the .xlsx file is saved as .xls version then it works.


I agree I have noticed this too, something about a Java error is reported. It worked fine prior to v2.4

Hi Martin and Simon!

Could you provide me with more details of what is not working anymore? Can't you read xlsx files at all? Could you send me an example xlsx file? (maybe via PM.)

Or do you create a workflow with 2.3.4, use it with 2.4.0 (or 2.4.2) and get errors?

I was not able to reproduce any error during a quick test.

Thanks for your report and help.


 - Peter.

Hi Peter,

sorry, I coulnt reproduce the error anymore with the XLS reader node.

However, we have 2-3 nodes in the community HCS tools nodes that read Excel files (e.g Join Layout). They still had the problem and we figured out that the Java excel bundles that are used are same but have a different version (KNIME XLS extensions 3.6, HCS tools 3.7beta, if I didnt mix it up). So far we couldnt figure out why this problem occurs, only how to solve it:

Uninstalling the XLS extensions (Help->About KNIME...->uninstall XLS extension) and reinstalling it solves the problem. For whatever reason the HCS tools nodes then work.

Antje will have another look into this and probably will report more details to you.