XLS Reader issue

Hey folks,

there is a bug in the XLS Reader node, which leads to some serious problems in some of our workflows. I cannot upload a workflow to demonstrate the issue, but here is how you can reproduce the bug:

  1. create a new (empty) workflow
  2. drag the XLS Reader node into the workflow editor
  3. open the node's configuration dialog
  4. select the XLS file attached to my post (test.xls)
  5. remove the check mark Read entire data sheet...
  6. enter as area of interest A1 to AB2 (A and AB for the columns; 1 and 2 for the rows)
  7. click refresh
  8. close the dialog and execute the node

Yes, the node reads what it should read.

Now open the configuration dialog and see what happened to our area of interest (now it is A1 to AC2). This leads into many problems, for example when closing the configuration dialog using Control + Return, re-executing the node without any changes, working with the Column List Loop Start node or when working with variables.


Hi Marc, 

Thanks for the easy to reporduce use case, that is an embarassing one!  We will patch this for 2.10.2, sorry for the trouble. 

Best regards,