XLS reader, preventing scientific notations in Strings


I need to remove scientific notation in numbers turned to strings for excel files.

I am reading an XLS file that contains both a number and a text in one column, naturally, knime will output a string column. But the numbers convert to scientific notation (i.e. 12345670 to 1.234567E7 / 12345678 to 1.2345678E7), when using string to number,  it will not parse as numbers because of the scientific notation attached to it. If I remove just the E7 and the decimal, it will leave those ending in zero to be incomplete.


Hi Hajji,

Just to confirm: After reading the XLS file, you use a string to number node on the column containing both numbers and text? I just tried the same thing and it works if I select "double" as output type in the String to Number node. The text-only rows are missing of course. Have you tried converting to double?

By the way: it appears that you are using an older version of KNIME. The new Excel Reader (XLS) node included in KNIME 3.3 will not change the notation of the numbers, so that you can convert them to integer right away.

Hope that helps!