XLS Reader problems with reading uppercase into KNIME

I have an excel file which contains text and numbers.  The KNIME XLS reader seems to be changing the case of some of the data:

Original data (XLSX file):

How the XLS Reader reads the data:

What is strange is 99% of the data is read in correctly.  As an example rows 3 & 4 are read in correctly, but rows 1 & 2  the data has been changed to lowercase?  This change is is giving me false findings while I am checking the data and is driving my end users mad.

 I cannot use the case convertor node (to convert everything to a particular case) as my data is in mixed case and my checks need to be case sensitive.

I have attached the excel file with the problem (ct2.xlsx).  It may be some formatting error in the excel file, but I cannot find it.

Can anyone please help?

Hello Macca,

This is due to the format of Excel. Despote showing you a text like "TRUE", that actual data is a boolean, which is normally written in lower case.

<c r="A1" s="1" t="s"><v>0</v></c>	<c r="B1" s="1" t="s"><v>1</v></c>	<c r="C1" s="1" t="s"><v>2</v></c>
<c r="A2" s="1" t="s"><v>3</v></c>	<c r="B2" s="1" t="b"><v>0</v></c>	<c r="C2" s="1" t="b"><v>0</v></c>
<c r="A3" s="1" t="s"><v>3</v></c>	<c r="B3" s="1" t="b"><v>1</v></c>	<c r="C3" s="1" t="b"><v>1</v></c>
<c r="A4" s="3" t="s"><v>4</v></c>	<c r="B4" s="3" t="s"><v>5</v></c>	<c r="C4" s="3" t="s"><v>5</v></c>
<c r="A5" s="3" t="s"><v>4</v></c>	<c r="B5" s="3" t="s"><v>6</v></c>	<c r="C5" s="3" t="s"><v>7</v></c>

Note that B2, B3, C2 and C3 have t="b".

If you want KNIME to read your data as precise as possible, please select the complete spreadsheet and format it as text. Even better would be an export to CSV.