XLS writer Bug with flow variables for output file

I finally managed to use a flow variable to define the output path within the XLS writer.  I initially just tried to add he correct variable via the variable settings button.  This resulted in a pop up error saying "Invalid settings: Please specify an output filename". 

I have just done that of course by choosing a variable!!

The way to get around this is first to enter any old text in the selected file box before choosing the variable from the variable settings.

I thought I would like to share this incase anyone has the same problems and with the hope that the KNIME team can exterminate this bug ;)



Hi Stephen, 

I see what you are talking about, and agree that this probably isn't the best way for the for the dialog to work.  I've logged a ticket and flagged this post so we can talk about when/how to fix this.

Thanks for the report!

Best Regards,


The csv reader/writer nodes act similarly (and i think the sdf writer may also do this, but not certain on that one without looking)


The Model Reader node shows the same behavior. Fixing this for all reader nodes would be great!

You are correct, this is not limited to a specific node (not even just readers), but is a more general design consideration that has to do with how the Flow Variables tab is constructed programatically. Thanks again for the feedback.