xls writer node

Hello everybody,

can you help me with this matter?

I am trying to transfer a table like the following from knime to excel sheet:


"User1, a, b, c, e, a ,c, d "

"User2, e, b, a, c, c"

"User3, a, d, d, e, b, c, a, a, d"


So, every row is a string. When I create an excel file, however, some long strings are cut at a certain lenght, as if there was a maximum lenght.

Do you have any idea how could I fix this?

Thank you very much for your attention,



Dear Silivia,

could you make us an example workflow?

However, this might be an xls limitation, you might consider writing to xlsx instead.

Also, is there a reason you want to write as one string? You could use the cell splitter node before than you have a true xls table.

Best regards, Iris

Hello Silvia,

In xls-files the limit is 1k characters per cell.
If the strings are cut at a shorter length please let me know.

Thank you,