XLS writer to certain cell without overwriting formatting

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Is it possible to write your data to a certain cell on a sheet in excel (I found a workflow for this on the forum), but without overwriting other data in the excel sheet and keeping the format of the excel file.

In Excel I want to write a comment in cell A1. I want to put my table that I made with Knime in A3, B3,C3 and all cells below.
I want to format the cells in Excel (column width, conditional formatting).

When I write to excel, I want to overwrite anything below A3, but keep the formatting and the text in cel A1.

While writing this, I think of the extra difficulty when my first output would be a long table and my next output would be a small table.
So if keeping the text is not possible, is it possible to keep the formatting on a sheet?

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hi there

If you like to keep your excel formated in the same way and even having charts there, you simply export the Knime content into anempty sheet (or table) in excel and refer the formated sheet to it.

example: formatet sheet is sheet 1 so you export the knime resultes into sheet 2 and refer sheet 1 to sheet 2