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Hi there!

I have to append a sheet to a XLSB file.

Usually I would work with a xls file and then I would use the Sheet Appender Node, however the file is too heavy to be worked as a xls file.

Is there anyway to do it?

Hello @Thiagolobo welcome to the KNIME forum

I do not think there is a genuine way in KNIME to work with binary Excel files. I created a workflow that uses a Python library to read xlsb files. Maybe there is another package in R or Python to write such files.

It could be that there is a package under development but I have not yet tested it:

(via: https://github.com/pyexcel/pyexcel/issues/73)


@mlauber71 Thank you for your answer!

I don’t know about python and its interaction with Knime, but I really want to learn.

How does it work ? The python script node works as if I was writing a code directly in anaconda or jupyter?

Hi @Thiagolobo -

I think what @mlauber71 has suggested will be your best here. The Apache POI library that KNIME uses to handle Excel files doesn’t support XLSB, and doesn’t look like it will any time soon.


Hi @Thiagolobo,

first configure Python in KNIME. Here is guide:

Pretty much yes :wink:


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