XML Parsing, not keeping info from nodes together?

I have some XML files to parse, They contain a collection of “resource” nodes like the example below:

Notice that there are many attributes labeled specifically as a “taxonPath”
imsmd:stringGrade Level</imsmd:string>

These can occur in different order in each resource and not all resource nodes have the same attributes.

What I’m trying to build is a table that takes info from the tag

Specifically the identifier and href values and then associated to the “taxonPath” as name/value pairs.

An end result would be something like:
column header : value
identifier: res_-LTFL15_G08C01L00_OA_001_02mc"
href: testitems/-LTFL15_G08C01L00_OA_001_02mc.xml
Grade Level: 8
Subject: Language Arts
ABStandardGUIDs: e5687307-55d5-4d6b-b3da-3c3bc41fefd

I’ve got the XML file being read by the XML Reader, then using XPath to parse the single column that was created. I’ve identified the following paths in the tool:

Each of the options is set to “multiple column” and what I’m getting as a result does not appear to be matching up. I get the first 673 rows with the identifier/href, which matches the total number of resources, however, the name/value pairs seem to be being parsed independently and not tied to the resource identifier that are nested in.

Hopefully that all made some semblance of sense?

IMSGLC_CC_Rolesv1p3 Learner Published LOMv1.0 discipline Grade Level 8 Subject Language Arts Blooms Taxonomy Comprehension ABStandardGUIDs e5687307-55d5-4d6b-b3da-3c3bc41fefd2 Question Type multichoice