XML Reader error for apple health dataset

Hello community,
I have exported all health data from apple health and would like to import them into KNIME.
For this I used the XML Reader Block with the following configuration:

Unfortunately I get the following error:
ERROR XML Reader 3:196 Execute failed: Could not initialize class org.knime.core.data.xml.io.XMLMultiCellWriter

I have to say straight away that this is my first contact with XML and I am not familiar with the format.
The following data is in the Apple Health folder:

I started with the CDA file because the other file already throws the following error in the block:

Are there any tips or hints as to what I should do now to get on with reading the data?

I wish you a good start into the week.
Greetings Alex

Hi @schalex

It’s hard to troubleshoot this from a distance without knowing what’s inside those files. Can be a variety of reasons.

Would it be possible to upload a small sample of those xml’s with anonymized data? The more you can provide, you more accurate people can help you :wink:


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